Just a little thought before going to bed.

Every moment of our life, we usually think we’re smarter than our self from a year ago. There’s so much information/philosophy/life advice we try to digest, and elaborate, that sudden realizations make us rethink a lot about our choices and our approach, about once every few months.

But the reality probably is, our brain has a limited RAM. That RAM can’t really expand, so at any given moment, we’re holding an amount of gigabytes of “life philosophy” that drive us, but when more of that stuff wants to enter in the RAM, the oldest data just ends up garbage collected. So, instead of improving our life with more and more data, what we’re probably doing is forgetting the oldest, less impactful thoughts we had, to replace it with new ones.

We like to think we’re wiser than an year ago.

But the reality probably is that we’re just different.